L-5 Has got you permanently covered.

Welcome to the L-5 Abridged Wikipage!
In the event your treading into unfamiliar waters, We're the group that Amputates borrows your arms for 10 minutes of thigh slapping humor.

If that line wasn't Fetching enough, We also Slap you with them when you aren't looking.

To you veteran visitors, Welcome back!

Everything up to the Fitfth Level:


So you think you know more about us than this wiki?

you probably do don't.

L-5 Is a collaberation, or rather a joining of several different Abridgers Whom after many years of wartorn sands, desperate struggles, and poor quality american rap, decided to make a soon to become masterpiece: Higurashi L5.

Hence the dawn of the groupname L5.

With an initial video inventory of these past groups, L5 started with a strong count of 10 videos. The results of Sosabridged and Lasanga Productions brought together the most short period success of Deathnote, and a rather cheeky Umineko abridged.

So far There are several people working together, with a poweful structure system: The Five Levels Of Lvl 5. cue epic music





(to be added)